Pro Reserve TATIS JR Birch Wood Youth Baseball Bat


Victus Pro Reserve TATIS JR Birch Wood Youth Baseball Bat: VYRWBTATISJR-B/GY

Swing a birch wood bat that is cut in a cool Fernando Tatis Jr turn model! Nab it at JustBats!

Bat Benefits

The Pro Reserve Bats from Victus are going to be some of the highest-quality wood bats on the market. Victus is going to build this one from birch wood. Birch touts some of the best qualities of maple and ash wood. It will feature a crisp and clean feel on the barrel when it strikes a baseball, like a maple bat. And at the same time, it will feature some flex between the barrel and handle of the bat, like an ash bat.

Victus doesn’t stop with just providing high-quality wood material. They also complete the bat with their ProPACT finish which allows the surface to be exceptionally hard even before the bat is ever used. Ultimately, the harder the hitting surface is on your bat, the better the chances are that you’ll be able to rap out sharper and further hits.

This specific model is made with the turn model that commemorates the San Diego Padres' phenom, Fernando Tatis Jr. This bat should feature a good amount of balance to it which should assist any young batter looking to gain some skills from swinging a wood baseball bat.


Due to this bat having such high wood quality and it also featuring the ProPACT finish, Victus is willing to extend a forty-five (45) day warranty on the bat