Elite One USSSA Baseball Bat

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Enjoy swinging the simple & straightforward one-piece design of this Axe Elite One USSSA bat. But also know that due to the ergonomic (i.e. comfortable) Axe handle, you'll be swinging an advanced bat at the same time.

Bat Benefits

As mentioned above, Axe builds this bat with a one-piece design. Specifically, they use a single piece of MX8 alloy material and that material should be the strongest alloy made by Axe up to this point in time. What makes the material so strong is that it undergoes a heat treatment to increase the strength. However, the bat can still flex at contact without denting or cracking. 

If you are looking at the profile of this bat, you will eventually see the ergonomically designed Axe handle. The Axe handle is more comfortable for a human hand to hold and it will allow the batter to put less strength and effort into holding onto the bat. Since less hand, wrist and forearm muscle is being used to hold onto the bat; more of that muscle can be used to swing the bat faster. Lots of players are finding that they are getting harder hits with Axe bats because they can truly swing these Axe bats faster.

If you have a young contact or power hitter, we believe that they will enjoy this bat quite a bit. It is a drop 10 in size and it will be balanced in its feel. Ultimately, it should be pretty easy to handle for players within the 7-12 year age range.


Axe extends a full twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty period on this bat.