Heart of the Hide 11.5" Contour fit Right Hand Throw

SKU: PROR204U-2N ISBN: 07851179

Rawlings Heart of the Hide® Baseball Gloves

For over 65 years, Rawlings Heart of the Hide® gloves have been a symbol of excellence, trusted by some of the most renowned professional baseball players. This legacy of quality and performance continues with the current lineup of Heart of the Hide traditional gloves.

Key Features:

  • Premium Materials: Constructed from high-quality U.S. steerhide leather, these gloves mold to the perfect shape and pocket, offering superior performance.
  • Durability: Pro-grade leather laces enhance the gloves' durability and strength, making them reliable season after season.

Design and Heritage:

  • Pro Patterns: These gloves are marked by established professional patterns, ensuring they meet the standards of the game's best players.
  • Classic Aesthetics: With classic colorways, the Heart of the Hide gloves pay homage to the rich history of Rawlings while incorporating modern performance technology.

Advanced Technology:

  • Latest Innovations: While maintaining a traditional look and feel, these gloves integrate the latest advancements in glove technology to enhance performance on the field.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide® traditional gloves seamlessly blend the rich heritage of baseball with cutting-edge technology, providing players with the ultimate tool for their game. Whether you're a professional or an aspiring player, these gloves are designed to help you perform at your best.