Pro Series "The Donut" 33.5" Training Baseball Catcher's Mitt

SKU: CM1000TM ISBN: 90838443

The Donut is the absolute best mitt for working on quick transfer speeds. This vintage style catching mitt modernized with the All-Star black/tan leather is a tool recommended by catchers, coaches, and teams for developing the fastest transfers. When received in the pocket correctly, high speed balls can be caught and then transferred to the throwing hand. This also helps with general receiving skills as well. You get immediate feedback because balls caught properly will stick in the pocket or drop straight down while balls received incorrectly will rebound away.

Product Features:

  • Training Glove Only, Not Designed for Use in Games
  • 33.5 Inch Glove Size
  • Modified T-Web
  • Colorway: Black and Blonde
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Due to this glove being a training mitt, it will not require any break in
  • Designed for players 12 years of age and up
  • Free Shipping