S7 Elite 34" Baseball Catcher's Mitt

SKU: CM5000 ISBN: 06902699
Control the game from behind the dish and make your mark with this All Star S7 Elite 34" Baseball Catcher's Mitt!
Glove Benefits
Elevate your performance behind the plate with the All-Star S7 Elite 34" Catcher's Mitt, the ultimate companion for catchers determined to excel! 
Meticulously crafted from premium-grade rawhide leather, this mitt ensures unmatched durability and exquisite comfort, even after prolonged use.  The S7 Elite has also been engineered with an innovative Cut Weight Design, which sheds unnecessary leather, resulting in a reduced weight compared to conventional counterparts.  Additionally, its deep pocket and fully closed web have been ingeniously designed by All Star to effortlessly secure incoming balls while minimizing spin, guaranteeing a steadfast grip.
Furthermore, the inclusion of a professional-class wrist strap ensures a snug and reliable fit on the catcher's hand. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just cutting your teeth in high school ball, the All-Star S7 Elite 34" Baseball Catcher's Mitt is an indispensable tool that propels your game to new heights!


An All Star glove purchased from us will feature a twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty that is handled by All Star (does not cover improper cleaning, storage or usage).